Labor Day Weekend Recap

Wow, what a weekend! Talk about a busy girl… lots of moving, organizing, cleaning, unpacking, and building… it was definitely no lazy, lounging, holiday, boooo! Although it was a busy 4 days, the bf is all moved in, the living room looks glorious, and the bedroom is just as I imagined, a perfect candidate for a before and after in  Apartment Therapy (if I do say so myself ;))…  pictures to come!

Aside from all the work, we did have some time to visit family in Pacifica, stop in at Ikea, grocery shop at Berkeley Bowl, explore The North Face outlet,  play with the little munchkin and enjoy a little vino!

Doin it up at the one and only, Ikea!

Exhausted after an all day shopping extravaganza!

Pulling out all the stops, hehe :)

Enjoying the sun while it lasts

Introducing Peanut.

Thank god for the short work week, 2.5 days until another weekend