Life According to Instagram

1. Last instagram shot from my old apt. window //  Moving day
2. Korean food with the family //  Gluten free tomato basil pasta. one of my favs
3. Sequin lamp from Home Goods // The flowers at Whole Foods get me every time!
4. The BEST granola with strawberries from Bills // Feasting on Mexican food per usual
5. Celebrated my birthday in my favorite Aritzia leggings // Bday dinner with the family
6. Whole Foods Cupertino, hands down my favorite // Rice Dream bar (v & gf)
7. New coffee mugs from Crate and Barrel // Errands in the rain
8. New print from Smile Baby Studo on Etsy // New couch throw and pillows
9. Margaritas at Aqui // Roasted veggies