Lovers + Friends X2

{Lovers + Friends Angel dress, Gap denim jacket (sold out but more here), J.Crew ballet flats, Clare Vivier clutch, Brooklyn Designs Infinity and Eternity necklaces c/o}

I loved the black version of this dress so much I had to get it in white too! Being short and having small feet really makes shopping and finding things that fit, really hard! So, when I come across a piece or a pair of shoes that fit really well, I go a bit overboard and buy them in every color (a lesson I’ve learned over the years and the reason why I have four pairs of Everly pumps). The funny thing about the white version of this dress, it doesn’t fit as well as the black one, it’s a bit longer. Anyone else find it beyond frustrating when the exact same pair of jeans, tops, or dresses in different colors fit differently?  It drives me nuts! Anyway, I still love the dress (it flows amazingly and feels really nice), but it’ll have to take a trip to my seamstress… another casualty.

Short, tall, or average, when you find a piece that fits you well, do you tend to buy multiples or one in every color? If so, I’d love to hear what it is in the comments.