Mixing it Up

Gap denim jacketBanana Republic shirt (sold out, similar) // H&M skirt (old, similar) // Gap denim jacket // Everlane loafers // vintage Coach shoulder bag (similar and on sale!) // Daniel Wellington watch // Ray-Ban original aviators 58mm

Daniel Wellington watch

Daniel Wellington watch

Vintage coach shoulder bag

Crystalin Marie soft balayage

Everlane loafers

Everlane The Perfect Loafer

San Francisco fashion blogPhotos by Natalie Dressed

S H O P  T H E  L O O K

There’s a couple things about this look worth noting. I think this is the first time I’ve ever owned or worn a pair of classic loafers AND it may be the first time I’ve ever worn flats with a skirt. This may not sound all that shocking to you, but for a girl who has avoided said firsts her whole life, it’s a big deal. I complain about my height and size all the time and I’m sure it gets annoying, but being petite, vertically challenged, and having short legs (all those things combined, yikes!) actually cause for some challenges while getting dressed and buying clothes. I love me some flats. I could probably wear them everyday, but let’s be honest, when you have short legs, a lot of things look better with heels. The fact that I was able to hike up my skirt and throw on  some flat loafers makes this look one of my all time favs. Embracing my insecurities, adding that Crystalin flare to it, all while still looking pulled together, can I get a high five!

To mix things up even more, I’m fully embracing skirts for fall. I already have 4 new ones on their way and I can’t wait. I’ve struggled to make the feminine silhouette my own over the years, but I finally think I’ve got it. I love the way a skirt can be paired with so many unexpected elements to create unique looks. You can dress them up or down, go more masculine (as I did above), or edgy and even go as far as pairing them with a simple graphic tee. I’m realizing now just how versatile skirts can be … almost 30 years later.

Lastly, I’m fully embracing loafers this season, so I’ve rounded up my favorites at different price points below. If you’re looking for something classic and affordable the Everlane pair I’m wearing are amazing. I also have my eye on these, these, or these. I love the pointed toe and edgier shape.

Now if only the weather would cool down so I can fully embrace the new season…

UNDER $100

UNDER $200