My Farewell to The Hills

In honor of the last episode/season of The Hills, I decided to do it up with some of my favorite fashion moments from the gals of the show. As you know, from previous post and my DVR, The Hills and the girls have been a guilty pleasure of mine since the Laguna Beach days ;) However, with the Speidi shenanigans, Audrina/Cabrera boy love affair, and Brody becoming the main character, this season has been a bit disappointing. With that said, I think it’s definitely about that time for the show to come to an end… however, I will most definitely miss all the great fashion, bags, hair, beautiful people, and all the drama of the greatest reality/ non-reality MTV stint of my era.

So, as I watch The Hills marathon in it’s entirety (I’m such a creep, I know), let’s raise our glasses of wine or our coffee mugs to some of the best looking 20 somethings on television, all their fabulous fashion, and to the beach-y, club scene, we all wished we could be apart of-cheers!

Some of my favs…

Although there may not be any new episodes, I hate to admit it, but I’m sure I’ll continue to watch reruns, dvds, and keep up-to-date on Lauren Conrad’s fashion and love life… I guarantee this isn’t the last post of everything LC ♥

What are your thoughts on the Season Finale of The Hills?