My Top 7 Italian Pizza Restaurants

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I have a super soft spot for Italian pizza. While living in San Francisco I dined at Delarosa, had my first experience with Italian dough, and it was game over. I would become the biggest Italian pizza fan ever (well, according to me)! I’m sure you could guess this from all the pictures on my Instagram as well as this blog. My justification on my weekly cravings are: most often times I only eat half the pizza in one setting, I don’t get any greasy cheese or meats, and the dough is made up of really clean and simple ingredients. So basically, I’m eating bread with sauce and a couple veggies here and there. It can’t be that bad, right?

Today I’m sharing my top 7 Italian pizza restaurants and exactly what I look for when it comes to the best pizzas. Since becoming a huge fan, I’ve definitely tried the good, the bad, and the bland. What makes for the best Italian pizzas you ask? Well, first off the dough. The dough is everything. You want it to be chewy, but not overly doughy (I just made that up). You want it to be thin, but still fluffy. And then there has to be some type of crunch on the crust. Crispy but not burnt. Did you get all of that? Now onto the sauce. Since my pizza doesn’t have cheese or meat, the sauce has to be on point. The key is it must be flavorful. If it’s bland, the pizza is ruined. Hands down the best sauce goes to Delarosa. It’s tangy, with good consistency, and works well with my favorite Calabrian peppers. And now on to the toppings. I typically stay with arugula, kalamata olives, basil, olive oil, and Calabrian peppers. Not all together, but whatever’s available (every restaurants different). My favorite combination is arugula, kalamata olives, and Calabrian peppers (these are the spiciest and saltiest things ever and OH SO GOOD).

Are you salivating yet?

For those normal folks out there who eat pizza with cheese and meat, everything said above still applies. If you have good dough and sauce, you’re bound to love that pizza. Mike eats everything and his favorite is Tony’s Pizza in North Beach. He says the crust is the best he’s ever had!


Top 7 Italian Pizza Restaurants 14

Pizza Antica // Oak & Rye // Delarosa // Pizzeria Delfina // Beretta // Pizza Bocca Lupo // Tony’s Pizza