New Blog Design + Features

Happy Tuesday and welcome to the new site design! I guess you could say, I’m going back to the basics. The biggest noticeable difference, the two column layout (where I post and the sidebar) instead of one. While I love having large photos, I did miss having the ease of showcasing more content along the sidebar.  I just feel like it’s easier for you to access more features on the site. For a second, I was all about the high functioning, super complex blog designs. But, after reading blogs and doing research, things started to get very complicated. Until I actually do a complete brand overhaul (maybe next year?), I think keeping it simple and clean is the best way for you to access everything on the site. What do you think? I’m sharing more new details below.

The Essentials Shop

I’m so excited about this new feature! This is where you’ll find my absolute must-haves, can’t live without products. This will refresh every season, but for the most part, these are my tried and true products I’ve been using throughout the years. I will be writing about each item soon, so stay tuned for that. If you’ve seen me wear something over and over again, you will most likely find it here. The Essentials Shop can be found in the featured boxes under the slider (on the far left) or in the menu bar under Shop.

Style Guides

You guys loved my Athleisure Style Guide so much, I’m planning to do more! In case you need loads of inspiration, you can find all my Style Guides either in the menu bar under Fashion, or I created it’s own feature in the featured boxes under the slider. No more digging, it’s all right there for you.


This blogging template signature is back and I’m hoping it’s super helpful for you! Here you’ll find the Featured Post, Popular Posts, the search bar, and past posts in the archives. I’ve also added the popular categories to the sidebar for ease of searching. And for your convenience,  you can now search outfits by season. All of this was created for you to help navigate the site a little better.

Shop Instagram Outfits

For those of you who don’t use Instagram or LIKE.toKNOW.it, you can shop my Instagram outfits by simply clicking on the photos in my Instagram Shop. It’s super easy, you don’t have to sign up for anything or leave my site. You can find my Instagram Shop in the menu bar under Shop and you can find the latest 6 photos in my sidebar.


This has been a work in progress for a really long time. It’s almost ready, so stay tuned for our newsletter. Get posts emailed to you or sign up to receive exclusive content. I can’t wait!

If there’s something you love on other blogs that you want to see on Crystalin Marie, I’d love to hear about it!