Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Beauty Picks

I’ve been so caught up with picking out pieces for my fall wardrobe during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, I totally forgot about all the great beauty products. I’m not a huge beauty person, especially since I’ve been pregnant, but there’s still some great things worth sharing (many of them I already own).  

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Beauty picks

Sigma Cleaning Mat – I have this and it does wonder to my brushes. While it takes some muscle to massage out all the product from your brushes, it works! I don’t have the cleaner, so I can’t speak on that, but I’m assuming it works better than soap and water, which I’ve been using.

T3 Featherweight Hair Dryer – Both Mike and I use this hair dryer and we love it. My hair dries faster and it doesn’t damage my hair as much as some other cheaper ones out there. It’s also super chic, which is always nice.

MAC Look in a Box Nice’n Spicy Lip Kit – I have the Nice ‘n Spicy lip liner alone, but if the matte liquid lip color is at all similar, you’re in luck! I’ve searched for my perfect nude lip and Nice ‘n Spicy does it for me! I use it with MAC lipstick in Yash.

Trish McEvoy Makeup Planner – I have this planner in blue and actually used it for my recent trip to the Bay Area for the first time. I haven’t yet tried everything that comes in the planner, but I just know it’s the perfect travel makeup bag. It fit everything and it’s super compact. I would get this just for the planner part, lol.

Aveda Hair Essentials Collection – I use Aveda hair products everyday and I love this shampoo. I alternate between this one, Color Conserve, and Blue Malva (all really great!). I have the thickening tonic, although haven’t tried it out yet. I also have the air control hair spray, which is super light and not sticky, which is a must for me with hair sprays. Great value for what you’re getting.

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Beauty Picks