Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Early Access: My Picks

The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Early Access is here! Nordstrom is now allowing everyone to preview the sale early (last week), so I was able to go through the sale and pick out my favorites. From first glance, I’ll say, there’s a good amount of sweaters and shoes that caught my eye. Shoes have always been a flop for me during the sale, so I’m excited. There’s also a good selection of straight leg jeans, which I know many of you are looking for. For those of you who shop this sale every year, you know the good stuff sells out pretty fast. But, I’ll say there’s enough good pieces this year, I have a feeling you’ll at least snag 1 thing on your Wishlist. Also, Nordstrom will restock with each tier access (mainly early access and public access).

I actually don’t have access to the sale until the the 16th (Influencer Access), so I won’t be shopping until Friday. I polled you on Stories and the majority of you get access on the 16th as well, so we’ll be shopping together. For those of you shopping now, I’m sharing more favorites in the LTK app until Friday and then I’ll continue covering the sale on the blog. I’ll be sharing what I own already that’s on sale, what I order, try-on’s, and keep updating you on what’s still in-stock worth checking out. The best way to shop my picks is through the LTK app, as we’ll be updating that daily. Happy Shopping!

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