Our Holiday Decor

I’m finally sharing my holiday decor! We’ve had almost everything up for a while, but I didn’t want to share our space until everything I ordered came in. Of course, we kept things very simple, neutral, and cozy. I’m really trying to be mindful when buying Christmas decor. I want the pieces I buy to be timeless and something I will like for years to come. That way, it doesn’t feel like I need 1000 things every year. Other than buying a packet of ornaments on eBay, all ornaments are from the last few years. We’ve also had our mantle garland and stockings for a few years now, too (just bought one for Harper!).

I wanted to point out a couple things because I just feel like they’re too good not to share. I’ve been getting so many questions about our ornaments, specifically the felt star ones. I bought them on Etsy last year, but it looks like they’re back this year. They’re my absolute favorite ornaments – so simple, make a statement, and kid-friendly. They’re oddly hard to find. Sugar Paper La has the BEST wrapping paper. Neutral, simple designs, but the quality is AMAZING. Thick, doesn’t rip easily, but wraps nicely. We found fairy lights this year and they’re kind of everything. They have the regular strands and the garland strands. The regular strands are battery operated (which means no exposed wires), which is awesome! We have them along the mantle garland and in the cloches. We put the garland fairy lights along our console and that one is plugged into the wall. They’re subtle, but make such a difference in the vibe of the decor.

We’ll see how long I can pull off this neutral Christmas vibe now that Harper is getting older. We may end up getting her her own tree down the road, ha! I’ve linked our holiday decor below. If I’m missing anything and you have questions, leave a comment below.