Palo Alto- Shopping and Dining

University Cafe
271 University Ave, Palo Alto 94301

This past weekend I headed to Palo Alto for some lunch and shopping. I always hear about the great eateries and shopping in the quaint, relaxing, city but never really find anything special or exciting. But this weekend was different…

I walked up and down University Ave (a street full of shopping and dining), stopped in at the Apple store and found a great spot for lunch; University Cafѐ. This is an “order your food at the counter” kind of place. The menu was full of great options; brunch, sandwiches, pastries, espresso drinks, and a good amount of vegetarian options. We ordered, claim chowder, roasted tomato soup, and shared home fries and the vegetarian curry. First of all, I love any tomato soup without dairy, but most places put cream in their tomato bisque and tomato basil. So, I fell in love right when I found out my favorite soup was just the way I like it. The home fries were done perfectly; even though they were thick, they were still crispy with just enough salt! To top it off, the vegetarian curry was excellent. Curry is new to my diet, and this one did not disappoint. I really enjoyed the entire experience; the ambiance was great, full of natural light, and the wait staff was helpful. I will definitely be back and recommend the cafe to anyone looking for light, healthy options.

Roasted tomato soup
Roasted tomato soup

After having a wonderful lunch, we headed down the street to Nordstrom (my favorite place on earth). After browsing, I realized Nordstrom Palo Alto is almost equal to Nordstrom San Francisco, a flag ship, a style setter with authority. It is THE Nordstrom that receives the best and the most! They have a great shoe and bag selection. The first thing I saw that made me fall in love, was the one bag I have been searching for for about 4 months (sold out everywhere), the Marc  by Marc Jacobs Classic Q Hillier Hobo in tan. Then I turn the corner to accessories, and see the David Yurman collection (only a few Nordstrom stores feature this collection). I was truly in heaven. It’s a great feeling to know I can make a 15 minute drive for all my essential needs rather then always resorting to online purchases!

Palo Alto is a big influencer in my fashion book and has become my go-to city for dining and shopping, well until I make my move to San Francisco!

Do you know of any great spots that are under the radar? What are your thoughts?