The Perfect Summer Shirt

Nordstrom Sale aside, I haven’t had the easiest time shopping for summer clothes lately. Things have started to get tight and I only want to wear the same 5 things that fit comfortably. I’m either in these jeans, which I’ll get more into later on in this post, a pair of the softest boyfriend jeans, or a dress. I’m not even big, but when you’re pregnant, apparently you gain weight in places you don’t even know exist – that make all your clothes feel uncomfortable. I’m slowly learning how to dress this new body, but it’s taking some trial and error.

The Light Oxford Collarless Short-Sleeve Square Shirt

Everlane shirt xs c/o, Rag & Bone jeans 24 (DIY raw hem, also here), Everlane pointed flats 5 c/o, Cult Gaia small ark bag, Janessa Leone hat small, Tory Burch watch, Ray-Ban original aviators 58mm

Everlane light oxford collarless shirt
Rag & Bone cropped flare jeans

Everlane light oxford collarless shirt in blue stripe

Cult gaia small ark bag
everlane pointed slide

S H O P  T H E  P O S T :

Dresses aren’t the easiest to find when you’re petite and pregnant, so I’m trying to find tops that will continue to look flattering while I get bigger. This one from Everlane is actually the exact shape I’ve been loving. A little boxy and shapeless, aka Mike’s worst nightmare, lol. I love that the style is supposed to be worn loose. I can definitely hide my nearly double D boobs and growing belly, but it also doesn’t look like I’m trying to do so. While boxy and short isn’t usually the description for the perfect shirt, it totally works for this one. Trust me, when I saw this top out of the box, I wasn’t sure, but once I put it on, I fell in love. The classic navy and white stripes doesn’t hurt, either.

I also want to briefly talk about my favorite jeans of all time, the Rag & Bone cropped flare jeans. These cropped flare jeans have proven to be amazing. They fit comfortably when I wasn’t pregnant, but they’ve also worked up until now. I don’t know how they do it, lol. They’re so darn comfortable, the wash is perfect, and the flare is the perfect size. Keep in mind, the flare was super wide originally, but after cutting them to fit me, I was left with the perfect cropped flare. I’m obsessed to say the least… we’ll see how long I try to squeeze into them.

If you happen to love this Everlane shirt as much as I do, it does come in white, navy, and long sleeved white and white and navy stripe. For the price, $55 and $65, these shirts are a steal!