Portland Winters: Coat Rec’s

J.Crew turtleneck, J.Crew Factory coat, AG jeans, Vince ankle boots, J.Crew tote, Forever 21 beanie (sold out, similar), Ray-Ban original aviators

AG Jeans     J.Crew black uptown tote

Vince Elastic Ankle boots

J.Crew Factory Vail Parka     Ray-Ban original aviators

J.Crew black turtleneck

Gray parka     J.Crew Factory gray coat

Vince Black heeled ankle boots

I know you probably don’t want to see another winter look, but the reality of it is, it still feels like winter in the PNW. As mentioned several times, it’s my first real winter ever so I’m still adjusting. I wouldn’t say I’m hating the cold, but I’m just ready for it to warm up a bit. It also doesn’t help when you see the rest of the country moving onto spring. Yes, I’m fully jealous of everyone in a dresses and bare legs.

Since we’re on the topic, I thought I’d get your feedback. For those of you living in the PNW or East Coast or anywhere where you get seasonal weather, what are some of your favorite coats? I’ve never worn so many coats or been so specific about the types of coats I need. It rains a lot here, so some days I need a lightweight raincoat and other days it’s raining, cold, and windy, so I need something more heavy duty. I’ve also realized finding petite coats isn’t the easiest task. The struggle is real, friends. I need your help! I’d love to hear any recommendations you may have on getting through these cold and rainy winters. 

S H O P  S I M I L A R  C O A T S

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  • I live near Portland on the coast (moved here last year from LA!) as well and have found a lot of the LL Bean signature coats to be great! I have one that is waxed canvas like the Barbour one but for a fraction of the price. Otherwise, a parka with a removable lining is always great too so that you have one coat for milder days and for the chillier ones! It definitely didn’t rain this much last year so must just be El Nino…

  • Hey Crystalin! Well, you will get to experience the joy of a coat wardrobe now:) One thing I would say is definitely make sure you have options with hoods and some waterproof. I absolutely adore J.Crew outerwear, and I love their cocoon coats because they allow room for a chunky sweater underneath. I also love Aritzia, I have the Wilfred cocoon wool coat with is stunning if your are looking for a more polished look.
    Up in the North East, March still feels like winter sometimes. Another thing I love for transitioning weather is thick chunky sweaters (like a cable knit…something wool) that I can wear as my outer layer.

    • Hey Gina! I’m planning to buy cocoon coat from Wilfred. Can’t figure out the right size since I’m purchasing it online. Can you pleassse give any recommendation? I’m 32C, 35″-26″-36″for reference. Thanks so much! Xx

  • Even though it’s warmer where I am, I still love a good winter look! It’s been gross and rainy on the east coast, and I would love to snuggle up in that winter outfit right about now! Love that J.Crew coat. I have the puffer coat by them and love it, will have to check out this option for next year!

    • I’m wearing a petite xxs and it fits perfectly. I was actually shocked at how well it fit. Have you considered trying petites?

  • In the PNW we usually stick with performance brands like Northface, Patagonia, and Arctery’x…a fleece and a rain shell will account for pretty much anything, from spring rain to skiing…if you want it to look vaguely fashionable go for black, dark grey…but the PNW’s not super fashionable, as a rule!

  • That coat is super cute, but I am totally curious what you wear on rainy days?? I have a really cute hooded rain resistant coat from Brooklyn Industries (on NW23rd), but I find I rarely wear my wool because it is always raining! For spring I picked up Everlane’s anorak, hoping that will do the no-rain trick without making me look like I am going for a hike! ;)

    • Ha! I’m still trying to figure out the rain. I have a lot of wool coats, so I try to wear those whenever it’s not raining. When it does rain, I’ve been living in my J.Crew Wintress coat. I am still searching for a couple more warm rain coats that are petite friendly (the struggle is real!). I love the Everlane anorak, but sadly, I think it will run big on me (lucky you). You definitely won’t look like you’re going for a hike, it’s more on chic side ;)

  • I just moved to Oregon from Arkansas, so the coat thing is pretty new to me too. We were in Portland yesterday and while my JCrew field jacket was great for the temperature, I found that I’m going to have to start looking for options with a hood. Definitely feeling completely out of my element when it comes to outerwear here!

  • How about Nau? It’s a Portland-based outdoor company with beautifully designed outerwear that can be used for urban settings too. I would also subscribe to the Clymb, which is like the Gilt Group for high-end athletic wear