Pretty Sexy Suede

So remember those black suede court cut-out pumps from Zara that we all missed out on? Well, I’ve been stalking a very similar pair from Aldo (can find them here and here) and just yesterday went to try them on. Let me just say, they are the prettiest things I ever did see. A low-cut vamp and black suede might make for the sexiest shoe ever. The best part, they’re comfortable and they fit. I said they FIT people <insert happy dance>. Naturally, they came home with me.

Another little happy dance occured when the sales lady at Aldo gave me these gel shoe inserts with grips to help my feet from sliding forward. Let it be known, this girl uses shoe inserts in probably all her pumps (I’ve tried them all). As mentioned before, I have awkward size feet that apparently can’t fit into any shoe on earth. I tried these grip inserts with the shoes above and was instantly shocked at how well they worked. They added comfort to the soles and helped make the fit a little more snug. SOLD. I came home and tried them with my Zara cap toes (I normally use at least 2 large inserts with these just to help my foot stay in the shoe) and they worked! The grips helped my size 5 feet fit into a size 6!!! Such a game changer. I’m already heading back to buy a couple more packs today and I say you do the same if you’re struggling with small feet. They do miracles.

Some fabulous ladies in their Romelia Aldo pumps. Gorgeous right?

image source: 1 // 2 // 3
*This is not a sponsored post and I was not compensated in anyway for writing it. I simply love these shoes and really do believe the grip inserts work. All my thoughts are my opinion.