Reader Submission: Gray Moto Jacket


ONE: white jeans // crossbody // cat flats // v-neck tee // baseball hat // gray moto jacket // TWO: statement necklace // bat tee // black skinny jeans // red clutch // pumps // heeled sandals // THREE: Gray moto jacket // silver shoulder bag // long necklace // tank // distressed denim shorts // silver heeled sandal // nail polish

As mentioned a couple weeks ago, I’m taking reader submissions for the new series, Closet Staples 3 Ways. Your submissions don’t necessarily have to be a classic staple, just any piece you find hard to style multiple ways. Today, I’m sharing Kay’s dilemma. She has a gray moto jacket she tends to only wear with black jeans. To be honest, I don’t mind black jeans on repeat at all… they’re honestly one of my favorites and go with everything! However, since we’re so close to summer, I’m also showing you how to style it with the classic white skinny jean and some fun distressed denim shorts. I stuck with basics for all three outfits, but you could also swap in a black and white stripe tee with any of these looks, really.

Thanks for reaching out, Kay. I hope this provides a little more inspiration next time you go to wear your jacket!

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