San Francisco Calgels

Tara and I just died when we saw Emily Schuman feature her sparkely Calgels several weeks ago. We immediately Googled Calgel nails in and around San Francisco and foundAsako at Nail Art House in Japantown. Although Calgels  have yet to make it’s mark in the States, this form of nail art is huge in Japan- women budget around $200/ visit. Calgel is actually a Japanese brand of soak off gel nails, which is similar to acrylic nails but don’t do quite as much damage to your nail, while also allowing the nail to breathe…SWEETNESS!

Our Visit Equals Glorious!

Our experience was absolutely fabulous; a. we journeyed into Japantown for the first time (it has the cutest shops, and the smell of sushi lingers in the air, yummm), b. Asako was super sweet, and c. our nails, they’re glorious, amazing, words can’t describe! OBSESSED~ so giddy! Yes, it takes about 40 minutes a session, yes it’s a bit pricey, but with home upkeep they’ll last you about 3 weeks of shine and perfection!

If your in the San Francisco area, go visit Asako at Nail Art House in Japantown~ she won’t disappoint ;)

{I decided on fine gold glitter.}
{Tara decided on fine silver glitter.}

Check out our nails on Nail Art House’s Facebook Page under Nails of the Month- June 2010!