Sf Eats: B Star Cafe

B Star Cafe is one of the places I’ve been introduced to by the lovely Victoria from Vmac + Cheese. I’m not one to venture out of my comfort zone when it comes to dining out, but every place she has taken me has been amazing! I loved the tea leaf salad so much when we went, I had to let Mike in on the treat. So, last week I snuck away from work and we ventured into the Inner Richmond for a little lunch date (p.s. go during their off hours, you’ll get a better experience). No doubt the Pan-Asian and Burmese flavors are so different, but such a nice surprise. The way they mix their ingredients is just genius, so good!

If you’re in town, I’d highly recommend going to either B Star Cafe or Burma Superstar. I’ve only heard disappointing things about Burma Superstar, their main restaurant, but their menu is a little more extensive and worth a shot. Both restaurants are within walking distance of each other, so if you can’t get into one you can always try the other.

If you’ve been here before, I’d love to hear about your experience and what you ordered.

What we ordered:

Tea Leaf Salad
romaine, ginger, garlic, peanuts, sunflower and sesame seeds, tomatoes, tea leaf dressing
Vegetarian Shan Noodles
Rice noodles in a spicy tomato sauce with pickled radish, cilantro, peanuts, and tofu.
Chicken Curry with rice and vegetable spring rolls

127 Clement Street  San Francisco, CA 94118