Snapshots + Food Talk

{Asos spike bracelet and Poshlocket cuffs. excuse the random nails}

{Latest additions… so pretty!}

{Gf lemon garlic shallot pasta with roasted Brussels sprouts}

{This beauty just got home from the tailor =)}

{My latest rotation. Thank you Poshlocket for the cuffs!}

{You can find these here and here}

{Made this for the boy… more lemon pasta with mushrooms, tomatoes, and arugula}

{Nothing beats an afternoon of pinterest, hot tea, and cookies}

I have what I like to call a love/hate relationship with cooking. They’re weeks I’m totally stumped and feel I eat the same thing everyday… other weeks (like the past couple and you can tell from my Instagram) I cook up a storm.  They’re several factors that go into this relationship. One I’m vegan and gf… and let’s get real, how many dishes can you make? Two, I’m not a great cook… I like things to be simple, so I don’t experiment with different ingredients that much. And third, a lot of times I’m making two meals. One for me and one for my guy (he is not gf or vegan). In the grand scheme of things, these issues are trivial and I mean, it’s just food, but I would love to hear how you get out of your cooking funk? How many times a week do you cook vs. eat out? What are some of your go-to meals?