Snapshots {remixed}

{road trip wear: Gap tee (similar), Zara shorts, J.Crew chambray, Classic Coach crossbody}

{summer wear: dress found at Nords Rack, Abercrombie & Fitch denim jacket, H&M hat}

{bbq wear: Gap shorts (similar), H&M tank, River Island via Asos sandals, vintage crossbody bag}

{almond broccoli + strawberries and granola}

{trying to get back on track with our workouts}

{sorbet + gelato date with the boy. one of my favorite things to do}

{getting comfortable in black: Old navy tank, Lux jeans, Zara sandals (similar), Gap scarf (similar), F21 hat, Longchamp bag}

{a mid week must: tacos and chips and guacamole}

Here are some snapshots of the past couple of weeks. It’s definitely been hard getting back into the everyday routine, but tiny naps during the day, a mid week run to sorbet, and a stop at Taco Bar sure has helped me push through.

Hope you’re having a great week so far, happy Thursday!