Spring Essential

When I first moved to sf, I knew a pair of espadrilles would be a necessary purchase; comfortable to walk in and a step up from tennis shoes in terms of style. I bought a pair of TOMS last summer and was a bit disappointed because a. my feet were too small to fit in the women’s styles and b. the kids sizes only came in 4 different colors. Initially, my heart was set on navy, but of course, navy was NOT one of the 4 colors. I went with white, and a year later, I’ve maybe worn them 5 times =(

With that being said, I’ve bookmarked every cloth-like espadrille that I’ve laid eyes on. I’m still leaning toward navy, but loving gray, striped, and in honor of spring, those tangerine watermelon ones above (too cute!).

Thoughts? Have you said yes to the espadrille?