Staying Fit During the Holidays

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As some of you may know, I’ve been documenting my ups and downs with my fitness here on the blog. Since my last update, I must say, I’ve fallen off the wagon completely with my workouts. This is honestly the busiest time of year for bloggers, so I’ve been knee deep with work. The freezing cold and rain does not help either. With that being said, I know these are just excuses. Since I’m slacking on getting out of the house to workout, I’ve actually been trying to stay active inside the house. This may sound silly, but Mike and I try to play with our dogs as much as we can. Running around, running up and down the stairs, squats and lunges in-between all of that. Do I sound crazy yet? I figure, if I can get my heart rate up, have fun, and play with my dogs, why not. Talk about multitasking…

We’ve also been taking our dogs for long walks when it’s not raining. Since they don’t get out as much this time of year, when they can, we make it count. This Gap Factory quilted puffer vest has been my go-to on our walks. It’s super soft, warm, and I love the fleece-lined pockets. If you’re looking for affordable and cute workout clothes, be sure to check out Gap Factory.  Think leggings, long sleeved tops, jackets, and sports bras at up to 50% off!

I know the holidays can really be a setback for people and their fitness goals just because of all the parties, homemade cookies, and dinners, so my biggest tip would be to fit in movement any way you can. We’re all busy this time of year, so blocking out 2 hours in your day to workout can be really hard. I say be as creative as you can. Get your dogs and kids involved, or go to the mall and get your cardio in. Being healthy and fit doesn’t always mean going to the gym or a workout class. Make it work for your lifestyle.

If you’re incorporating a more creative way to stay active, I’d love to hear what you’re doing.

Created in collaborating with Gap Factory