His Style: Greats Royale Sneakers

I’ve probably talked about it on the blog several times, but in case you missed it, I have a thing for men’s fashion. I always tell Mike, if I wasn’t doing what I was doing, I would have loved to be a men’s fashion stylist. A well dressed man is everything to me and when they can own their unique style, it’s even better. While I wouldn’t say Mike takes risks or jumps on every trend, he does look good in almost everything (it’s that tall factor). Thankfully, we have very similar taste in men’s fashion, so he’s definitely benefitted from all my shopping.

His and Her Greats sneakers styled

Mike in the Greats Royale sneaker

On Her: Anthropologie dress (old, similar), Ray-Ban sunglasses, Clare Vivier bag, Greats Royale sneakers c/o On Him: Old Navy tee, Old Navy pants, Greats Royale sneakers c/o

Greats sneakers

Crystalin Marie wearing Great Royale sneakers

Men's royale sneaker in nero

Greats Royale sneaker in Nero

Crystalin Marie and Mike in Greats sneakers

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Aside from having similar taste, I love that Mike cares about looking nice (I mean that in the least narcissistic way possible). I know a lot of guys just don’t care, which can be frustrating for us girls who like their guys to look presentable every so often. I don’t have to ask Mike to get dressed, the man knows what he’s doing and I like that. Often times we’ll coordinate before we pick our outfits, especially if we’re going to an occasion (wedding, party, etc.). With all that being said, let’s just say his style has evolved over the years. He has more options now and embraces my purchases or shopping dates with a little more ease these days.

Mike has been a big shoe guy for a while, so when Greats reached out and asked us to help promote their new Men’s Spring Collection, it was a no brainer. Their styles are classic, stylish, well made, and affordable. Anytime a brand is passionate about something, but also dedicated to bringing it to you at the best price, you know you’re going to get a good product. And in case you love a quality shoe just as much as the guys do, they also carry Women styles! Mike and I are both wearing the Royale in Nero (hers, his) and cannot say enough about the comfort and quality. The black leather really elevates any outfit and I love that this style can be worn year round.

Whether your guy has a birthday, just needs a new pair of shoes, or your in the market for a pair of sneakers for yourself, I would highly recommend checking out all the Greats new spring styles. We’re sharing our favorites below.

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