Sunny and Fabulous

Wow, San Fran had amazing weather this past weekend, guess the Indian summer thing is for reals. Aside from all the errands and weekend shenanigans planned, we thought we’d take in some rays while the sun was making a rare appearance: a little park time, farmers market, and Saturday brunch. Also on the schedule was an early morning spin class, French movie Amelie with the roomies+ one (TJ), VMA’s, and the Red Devil Lounge for some jumping, dancing, singing, etc.

P.S. I experienced the most amazing vegan pancakes and sorbet- literally heaven!

{Perfect nibbles on a relaxing Friday night.}

{Chocolate and Pluot sorbet from Fort Mason Farmers Market. Sold as sorbet but made naturally without dairy. So flippen delicious.. pretty sure these will be a new tradition, every Sunday.  }

{Saturday brunch at The Plant Cafe Organic- vegan blueberry pancakes and house potatoes. The pancakes were moist, and fluffy with a pinch of cinnamon. Not usually a pancake type of girl, but these: Heaven.on.earth. I tell you!}

{The roomy and I on our way to the Red Devil Lounge for Pop Rocks and a little ragging :)}

Hope you all had a lovely weekend and were able to enjoy this glorious weather