Wow, where did this week go? Between potty training, changing potty pads, giving doggy treats, rolling around on the ground, all while working, honestly, I can’t tell the days apart. Oh, I didn’t mention the lack of sleep.. this girl normally gets at least 8 hours, puppy reality check much? While Lola is doing really well (already climbing onto the couch with a little pillow assistance) this mama is beat! Mike warned me it was a lot of work, but I had no idea how hands on you have to be during these puppy stages. Despite being a bit overwhelmed, I know this age doesn’t last forever and I’m thankful to be able to spend every day with her watching her grow and becoming apart of our little family.

We don’t have too many things planned this weekend as miss Lola still needs the rest of her shots to really go anywhere. So, lots of playtime inside it is! I hope you all have a wonderfully relaxing weekend. See you back here Monday!

p.s. Lola loves seeing herself in the mirror, it’s become a thing.