Happy Friday! Have anything fun planned this weekend? Sf is supposed to warm up, but I’m hesitant to even let myself get my hopes up. The weather man has talked about warm weather all week, but he’s been lying… Not cool! Unfortunately, I’ll be working most of Saturday, but I’m hoping to enjoy the ‘amazing’ weather come Sunday.

A look back at this week…

  • – I finally found a natural path in the city!!!… now to just make an appt. (I’m so bad at making them)
  • – I made it into Nordstrom to check out the new Topshop. The area is a lot larger than I thought and everything is gorgeous! If you have one in your Nordstrom, worth checking out.
  • – I obviously watch and record all WWHL episodes and I about died watching Jimmy Fallon and the guys from Guys with Kids. I’m such a fan of Andy Cohen.
  • – Experienced my first fake ebay ‘almost’ buy. So thankful the seller let me know the item could be fake before I made the purchase. There are good people in the world ;)
  • – One of my favorite interviews with 2 of my favorite people here.
  • – Did you catch Grey’s Anatomy? I have mixed feelings about last night’s episode… looking forward to seeing what actually happened with the plane crash. Did anyone else think Arizona died? Completely shocked.
  • – My Guilt purchase came and I could not be more in love. Catch a glimpse here. It’s the one with the F + C tag.
Photo source: Laura Allard-Fleischl