TGIF + A Look Back

Happy Friday friends! Anyone else feel like this week flew by? And how on earth are we already more than halfway through September? I need some more pumpkin spice everything lattes in my life, gesh! 

Whatever you have planned I hope it’s a good one. See you back here on Monday =)

A look back at this week:

  • – I finally mastered the art of cooking/heating up rice noodles (asian style). This might sound lame, but they’d either be a bit hard to mush. So, yeah, I’m excited!
  • – I’m either getting over a cold or beginning the flu. If this wants to be my one-time-a-year that I get sick, so be it. Just hurry up and be done.
  • – I made my first purchase on Guilt and scored an item I’ve been wanting for years… deets on the blog soon.
  • – Spent some serious time on Eva Daiberl/Miss Renaissance Pinterest boards. It’s nice to see some unique and refreshing pins.
  • – Watched this video of Dree Harper showing us a glimpse into her life during fashion week. Stylist dream job, I think yes!
  • – My fall tv lineup is starting to look good. Mike and I indulged in quite a bit of reality tv this week and I cannot be more excited for Grey’s Anatomy next week. Caught up on Ellen and saw this. Too good.
  • – I’ve noticed quite a few new readers, so I wanted to say hello and thank you for stopping by. And to those of you who have been reading ITCWC from the beginning, a huge thank you for your continued support. 
image source: Marcella Klingman (but not completely sure)