The Best Artificial Plants for Your Home

Best Artificial Plants

QVC 5′ fiddle leaf tree, World Market 6′ faux fiddle leaf tree, Silk Tree Warehouse 5′ artificial silk bird of paradise tree plant, World Market faux fiddle leaf fig plant, Amerique 8′ fiddle leaf fig artificial plant, Hearth & Hand Magnolia faux eucalyptus plant, West Elm faux snake plant, Hearth & Hand Magnolia faux stems, West Elm faux fiddle leaf fig plant

This was the number one requested post I received on Stories a couple weeks ago and to be honest, it came as a surprise. I only recently started getting artificial plants for our home, so I’m by no means an expert. We have A LOT of real plants in the house, but Mike is the one with the green thumb and the person who takes care of all the plants, and he told me to slow my roll with all the plants. Caring for plants is a big responsibility and we already have so much going on, so I totally get why he’s putting his foot down. I will do another post on all our real plants and how we take care of them, but today’s post is all about artificial plants.

Hearth & Hand stems

Hearth & Hand Magnolia faux stems & Target large birds of paradise (can’t find it online)

The biggest concern with faux plants is the look of them. Do they look real enough? Are they too plastic looking? After buying a few artificial plants and seeing many in-person, I’ve come to the conclusion, all faux plants look fake. I mean there’s some that are VERY fake looking, but for the most part, they all have the same look. We’re totally fine with the “fake look” because they do their job. They fill the space and give the overall room a lived-in, homey feel.  And most people don’t even pay attention, to be honest. What we’ve come to realize is that size and flexibility play a huge role in picking the right artificial plants. You want to make sure you’re purchasing a plant that fits in your space. Look for the measurements in the description. You’ll also want to know if the plant’s branches can be moved and molded. I’m not sure if this is written in descriptions online, but if you’re buying in-person, this is something to feel for. You’re going to want to move the branches to make your plant look more real and less perfect. How well your plant can be fluffed will determine how real it will look. For instance, we recently bought a large birds of paradise (for our living room) from Target. We bought it in-person and it was stunning, but the branches did not move. I thought we could work with them when we got home, but nope, they’re stuck. I still love the plant, but it looks too perfect and less real than some of our other faux plants.

West Elm faux snake plant

West Elm faux fiddle leaf fig plant

World Market 6′ faux fiddle leaf tree

The nine faux plants above are some of the best I’ve found on Internet. Some I own, some I’ve seen in-person, and the others I’ve heard great reviews. That large 8 foot fiddle leaf fig tree is very tempting. Oh and the last thing I’ll say – always put your faux plant in a nice planter or pot. This gives it that extra oomph it needs to look elevated and chic.