The Pencil Skirt

I have never ever been a pencil skirt kinda gal and have yet to own one in my lifetime. Crazy, right? They’ve always been so business-wear to me and just not a piece that crosses my mind when shopping. However, clearly the times have changed. Pencil skirts are no longer just for business meetings, rather they’ve become quite the versatile piece as seen from the ladies above. I’ve been seeing them all over the blogs styled so many different ways that I’m convinced I need to add one to my closet!

I’m such a denim girl, it’s what I feel most comfortable in, but I think sometimes stepping out of your comfort zone is healthy. It’s a nice change of pace. Because it’s such a foreign piece to me, I’ve been trying to come up enough ways to wear it to justify the purchase. Will I even wear it or will it sit in my closet? Seeing the ladies dress down the skirt with tees, chambrays, sweaters, and sweatshirts (right up my alley), might give me the final push I need to take the plunge.

What do you think? Do you wear pencil skirts outside of your job or formal events?

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