Upgrading Our Everyday Essentials

Uniquely J fragrance free cleaning wipes

Two things you may not know about Mike and I – we like things clean (we have a clutter-free house, we donate every other week, and our dogs are clean as can be) and health and wellness are a big thing in our family. We like to keep the food and products in our house as natural and organic as possible. I’ve been eating plant-based for 11 years and Mike went plant-based about 5 months ago (yay!). I guess you can say, we try to limit the chemicals as much as we can. With Baby D due to arrive in the next month, we’ve been cracking down even more.

All Natural laundry detergent Uniquely J

Uniquely J Bamboo Cedar laundry detergent

Uniquely J Jet.com

Uniquely J Cleaning Wipes

Uniquely J Fragrance Free glass cleaner

Uniquely J Bamboo Cedar natural laundry detergent

Uniquely J Cleaning Products

When Jet.com reached out about their new brand, Uniquely J, that has a handful of clean living products, we were excited to give them a try. Mike does most of the cleaning in our house (I got lucky!), so he’s down to try anything new that works and doesn’t negatively affect our health. Uniquely J is all about not sacrificing – whether it’s on price, quality, or anything else. A lot of times if you go organic, you pay a premium price. Or if you get a product that actually works, you sacrifice quality. With Uniquely J, there’s no trade-off. The clean living products are made from plant-based ingredients, non-gmo, no bleach added, dye free, and they work.

We’ve tried the fragrance free glass cleaner, the bamboo cedar sport laundry detergent, and fragrance free cleaning wipes. There’s no harsh smells, we love that they’re plant-based, and they work great! I must say, I also really love the design of products. Simple design, no warning labels, and no long ingredient lists. If you’re looking to swap out some of your traditional cleaning products with something more clean and natural (that actually work), I would highly recommend checking out Uniquely J. BTW, everything arrived at my doorstep the next day and shipping was free!

P.s. They also have coffee, snacks, sauces & oil, food storage, and paper products. I can’t wait to try their Sriracha sauce!


Special thank you to Jet.com for partnering on this post.