Vegan Sweets

Vegan products get a lot of flack; “ew, vegan that must be gross.” But I want  to make it loud and clear, vegan desserts can and are fantastic.  Aside from frozen yogurt, if you were never told it was vegan, I don’t think you could ever tell the difference. I became dairy and meat free about 4 years ago and have had my share of nasty, bland, dirt tasting vegan treats. Now that it’s become a tiny bit more mainstream and less granola/tree hugging, there have been some great products brought to market. After trying everything out there, here’s my list of favorite sweets, vegan style…

Best vegan desserts to date:

  1. Cookie– Oatmeal raisin from Peet’s Coffee.
  2. Cupcake– Vanilla cake with chocolate frosting from The Plant Cafe Organic.
  3. PopsicleTwirl and Dip strawberry fruitsicle seen here.
  4. SorbetScream Sorbet at the Farmer’s Market seen here. All flavors are made without dairy… they just opened a location, but it’s in Oakland, boooo.
  5. Smoothie–  Strawberry from The Plant. Secret ingredient, dates ;)
  6. DonutsPosh’schocolate and crumb are my favs. Check out your nearest Whole Foods. I have yet to try Pepple’s at the Ferry Building,  but they are a MUST, with with at least 16 varieties!
  7. Muffins– blueberry muffins from Franklin’s Whole Foods (in the self-serve section).
  8. Yogurt ShopFraiche‘s soy yogurt with gram crackers and shaved chocolate.
  9. Chocolate– 365’s Vegan Chocolate Chips (from Whole Foods). I use these to bake and for all desserts.
  10. Store bought–  SO Delicious neapolitan ice cream sandwiches and Talenti Sonoma Strawberry sorbetto (both available at Whole Foods).

Let me know if you have any recommendations for vegan sweets here in Sf.