Weekend Dining

Talk about a weekend full of good eats. Gosh, I can’t say it enough, but when the sun comes out, this City is absolutely beutiful and gives me an excuse to get out and explore. I finally got the chance to try some of the many restaurants this place has to offer and all were a success. The more and more I’m here, the more and more I’m glad I moved. I swear it doesn’t get any better. Saturday I headed to Blue Barn for lunch, Park Chow for dinner AND Jovino on Sunday for the typical SF brunch/lunch.

{Walking down to the Marina}

Blue Barn-

Great salad and sandwich joint. Blue Barn is located on  Chestnut, a very busy shopping and dining street espcially on the weekends. The place is nestled in on the corner of Steiner and Chestnut and literally in the shape of a small barn. Expect to wait in a long line, this place is always packed… even at 2pm (we thought the lunch rush was over).

They feature a handful of salads and sandwiches with an option to create your own salad with a choice of 6 toppings among the 20 plus offerings. I’ve also had their tomato basil soup (non-dairy, and I get it without cheese) very tomato-y but very good. I’ve been to other create your own salad places and Blue Barn exceeds them all; vegan option salad dressings, fresh ingredients, and at $6 they’re very generous with portion sizes. I would definitely recommend Blue Barn… just try to avoid the lunch rush on weekends, minimal seating, and small space.

What else did I get around to… shopping, at home yoga on Comcast (I did a level 2 and it was soooo tough), and started but didn’t finish Julia Julia. Great, relaxing weekend :)