Weekend Recap

{gotta love the warrior themed beer pong table}

{drinking out of the big girl water bowl}

{family shot on 4th of July}

{Henry is deathly afraid of fireworks, but isn’t he such a cutie?}

{birthday treats}

{Sunday breakfast in Campbell}

{pretty hydrangeas from the farmers market}

{these Loeffler Randall Dree sandals are absolutely stunning in person and so comfortable!}

Oh hello there 6am, I haven’t seen you in a while… long weekends are always amazing, but waking up the following Monday is so tough! It doesn’t help the internet has been down all morning (wah, wah). Anyway, how was your 4th of July weekend? Ours was pretty fantastic! As mentioned on Thursday, Mike, Lola, and I celebrated the 4th and Josh’s (Mike’s best friend) birthday in a backyard bbq in Santa Clara. The weather was sweltering, but nothing miss Lola couldn’t handle. A huge backyard, other dogs, and a garden to rummage through, she was in heaven. Sunday we made it to breakfast and the farmers market in downtown Campbell (one of my favorite things to do and becoming a little tradition). We capped off the afternoon at the dog park followed by a nap for all three of us.

This week is going to be crazy busy. I have a couple work projects to take care of and I have to schedule all of next weeks post before we’re headed to Portland for a week. Double up the coffee, please!