Weekend Recap

{gotta love the fog.}

{been eating lots of cleanse food this week. thank god broccoli is my fav!}

{despite the massive winds, we got in a great track day.}

{new favorite thing.}

{buy one get one free at Pure Beauty.}

{Gap buy one get one free… so similar to my ‘Current Cravings’ from the last post. I don’t mess around, ha.}

{new Brazilet in turquoise}

Good morning, how was your weekend, do anything fun? We had decent spring weather Friday and Saturday, but Sunday the fog rolled in and the wind was absolutely atrocious. Overall though, we had a pretty laid back couple days with lots of playoff basketball…

some other things we managed to do…

  • Chestnut with family
  • scored at both the Gap and Pure Beauty (buy one get one free!!!)
  • the bf and I made dinner Saturday night
  • had an intense track day on Sunday- quads are done!
  • enjoyed the perfect after workout smoothie at The Plant
  • farmers market

Happy Monday! Here’s to one more week of my cleanse hope it goes by fast, I’ve been craving dark chocolate