Weekend Recap

{wearing a Zoe Karssen sweatshirt, AG leggings, Adidas Dragon sneakers // Mike and Lola having a moment}

{new camo sweatshirt with contrast sleeves}

{fresh out of the bath}

{new Madewell iPhone cases}

{recent find from Ross}

{early birthday appetizers at Cin Cin}

{mango margarita and olives}

{dinner and drinks at Oak & Rye}

{Mike got the Scotty 2 Hottie and I got the puttanesca pizza, both amazing!}

{shared the pretzel sans cheese. seriously, so good!}

Happy Monday, how was your weekend? Mike and I celebrated my birthday on Saturday (official day is today!!!) with drinks, dinner, and friends and spent most of Sunday recuperating lol. That getting older and going out combo ain’t easy, people. Anyway, we had dinner at Oak & Rye, a new restaurant in Los Gatos. You all know I’m a sucker for Italian pizza, so the second I heard of the new joint, I knew I wanted to try it! The drinks were yummy and the food was even better! It was a  night full of gluten, but when you rarely have it, you have to go all out. The pretzel and pizza dough is all kinds of chewy and good and the flavors were spot on. If you live in the area, I would highly recommend stopping in. The other highlight of the weekend, I chopped my hair off! It took me a minute to figure out how to create the perfect soft waves, but now I’m loving it! It’s a nice way to begin 28.

Although it’s a short week and we have Thanksgiving, I’ll be updating the blog regularly. I will be sharing my first Gift Guide on Wednesday and a guide to Black Friday and Cyber Monday on Friday, so be sure to stop by.