Weekend Recap

{Christmas Eve night}

{visiting my mom and her dogs}

{it’s amazing what a hair cut can do to a almost 10 year old pup. look at that face!}

{our 2nd stop on our Christmas Eve family travel day}

{come, sit, stay}

{my first ever cosmo, can you believe it?!}

{Christmas isn’t the same without babies and toddlers}

{Santa brought Lola this beautiful bed from Pottery Barn}

{met my best friend who was in town from New York and sister for brunch at The Table in Willow Glen. these are the lemon ricotta pancakes.}

{cheddar biscuit sausage sandwich}

{side salad}

{a family friend did an amazing job painting Lola as a puppy}

With family still in town the holiday festivities have yet to slow down. I’m not complaining, but honestly, I can’t tell the days apart and it feels like I need a vacation from this vacation. Does anyone else feel me on this? Anyway, we had a wonderful Christmas Eve and Christmas. We saw both Mike and I’s families and even snuck in time with my best friend who was in town. We’ve been on quite the dog binge as of late as well… I pretty sure Lola’s having the time of her life, but she’s also been crashing hard every night. Poor thing… she probably needs a vacation from it all too.

I cannot believe it’s already New Years Eve!!! What are your plans tonight? Since we have family in town, we’re keeping things super low key and just having a small party at my dad’s house. I’m not a huge go-out-and-celebrate-big on New Years Eve (too many disappointing nights), so I’m all for something mellow.

I’ll be reflecting on this year in an upcoming post and sharing photos from our day in San Francisco.

Whatever you have planned tonight, have fun and be safe! Happy New Year!