Weekend Recap

{One of my favorite salads at The Plant}

{A nice Pinot from a huge wine connoisseur, thanks John!}

{Beretta for bday dinner. The food is amazing.}

{Favorite! I swear I don’t eat pizza every week…}

{Had to get a shot of my cobalt blue heels}

{Saturday bbq with the bf’s family}

{Chocolate raspberry cake from Cocola Bakery}

We had extremely warm weather for the bf’s bday weekend. I pulled out shorts for the first time this year and even got some color… heyooooo! We spent Friday night dining at one of our favorite spots in the Mission, and then stopped in at Cultivate and Fraiche for a nice after dinner treat. We visited family on Saturday for a bbq which included play time with kiddos, bday cake, and a nice homemade meal.

Yesterday was a day of relaxation; warm weather, farmers market, and nba playoffs. A very busy couple days but well worth the celebration.

I can’t believe it’s already May! And it could NOT have started any better…. =)

How was your weekend?