Weekend Recap

{We’ve had amazing weather lately… hanging out at the dog park.}

{favorite soy yogurt}

{skinny girl margarita at Tacolicious for Cinco De Mayo.}

{Strawberry margarita sweetened with agave nectar… we had to try it.}

{Mother’s Day lunch at Cafe Des Amis}

{So sweet, they passed out roses to all the mothers}

Good morning lovelies! How was everyone’s Mother’s Day weekend? Judging by the photos, I’ve clearly had way too much fun (wink, wink) and sweets during these back to back holidays. Hopefully this tweaked back heals soon so I can get my butt to the gym, eeek!  p.s. sad to see the Lakers go down, especially in a sweep … so long to the Laker reign and Phil Jackson =(

Weekend Nail Color: Essie Status Symbol