Weekend Recap

{yummy salads and grilled artichokes at Asqew grill}

{my all time favorite strawberry sorbet}

{finally found a great veg friendly Korean restaurant. Manna on Irving street}

{frolicking around the city… }

{playing with color combos}

Anyone else feeling a bit exhausted with the time change? Took me a minute to pry my eyes open this morning especially in the pitch black dark …. I’ll be in need of several cups of coffee today.

Anyway, how was your weekend? The bf and I stayed pretty low key, however, instead of enjoying the fruits of labor in home cooked meals, as mentioned in the last post,  we adventured into some new restaurants (new to us). Asqew Grill down in the Marina has definitely flown under our radar. We pass by it all the time, but never once thought to stop in (apparently, The Plant next door has all my attention). They have amazing salads and grilled veggies, but also amazing healthy options for all you non vegans, aka, the bf.

In other food news, the bf and I finally made it to Manna, a Korean restaurant we’ve been meaning to try. A very small place, but very good. I only eat a few things when eating Korean, so when I say it was good, I mean serous business. Overall, a very satisfying couple of days… now, off to make lists and be productive! Oh yes, be sure to check out what I’m currently craving over on One Stylish Day at a Time.