Weekend Recap

{babysat this little girl Friday night}

{denim on denim for lunch on Fillmore}

{Pizzeria Delfina with Tina and our guys}

{Marinara pizza with kalamata olives, capers, calabrese peppers, and garlic}

{prettiness on our walk around the neighborhood}

{favorite dog park}

{a weekend is not complete with a little chips and guac}

{beautiful weather on Sunday meant a walk to the Marina for lunch}

Anyone else totally struggling to get it together this morning? Long weekends are great, but it’s almost harder to get up for work on Tuesday. Large coffee please!

Anyway, how was your weekend? The bf and I spent Saturday enjoying a much needed long workout and then went to a dinner get-together with some of his co workers. Sunday, I finally got to meet up with Tina and her boy. We met for lunch at Pizzeria Delfina, had drinks at Harry’s and then watched the NBA playoffs down at the Republic. Lot’s of drinking involved, but so much fun. Tina you are a doll! Memorial Day was spent resting, catching up on blogs, camping out on Pinterest, and uploading photos… a perfect way to end a long weekend.

Whatever you did, I hope it was fantastic! Now off to the grind, Happy Tuesday!