Weekend Recap

{coffee and tea with Victoria at Jane}

{spring rolls}

{Ann Taylor sequin clutch + classic stripe cardigan from the Gap}

{veggie pho}

{Korean japchae}

{new cuff and bracelet from Asos}

I’m not gonna lie, I did not want to get up this morning. Between the olympics, work, and a late night in the South Bay, this past weekend has left me exhausted! Normally, I’m all about the relaxing weekends that include naps whenever and as often as possible, but for some reason, these past couple of days have been go-go-go. I almost feel like I need a good workout, a healthy meal, and a 5 hour nap to help my mind and body rest and recharge. Anyone else?

Enough of my annoying complaining. Some highlights of the weekend included a catch-up sesh with Victoria, an unexpected trip downtown (and major score), meeting up with friends for Korean food, breakfast in bed, and Sunday night dinner at our favorite Pho spot.

Spill the beans, how was your weekend?