Weekend Recap

{lunch at Mijita}

{Tried Pepple’s Vegan Donuts}

{Scream Sorbet: cashew carmel, chocolate, and strawberry}

{Dolores Street on a Sunday}

Good morning friends! How was your weekend? Apparently the forecasters were mistaken on the rain and snow. We had nothing but sunshine; bitter cold, but gorgeous blue skies! With better weather came less lounging and more eating (lots of favorites though). We spent this weekend enjoying date night at A16 (we had to go back so the bf could try the pizza), feasting at the Ferry Building Farmer’s Market, painting my nails a glittery gold in honor of the Oscars, working out, doing lots of computer stuff, and brunching at Toast in Noe Valley. Overall, lots of yummy food, and a very productive couple days!

p.s. did you catch the Oscars? Best dressed for sure; Jennifer Lawrence in Calvin Klein, Michelle Williams in Chanel and Cate Blanchett in Givenchy Couture. Who were your favs?