Weekend Recap

{solo dinners include gluten free vegan pizza and wine}

{visited Mike’s parents and this little one}

{weekend indulgences: vegan donut and latte}

{beautiful weather for Bar Bocce. this is the perfect place to have lunch when the weather is nice}

{bocce on the water, too good}

{mimosas and pizzas}

{cute shops and restaurants in Sausalito}

{downtime with September Issues and tumblr}

The above pretty much sums our weekend. We had dinner at Mike’s parents, spent the day in Sausalito eating and drinking at Bar Bocce (the weather was pretty much amazing), and indulged in quite a bit of down time, September Issues included. Nothing too crazy, but definitely feeling rested and recharged to take on the week. How was your weekend?

p.s. Happy Fashion week, Lucky Fabb, and IFB! Excited to live vicariously through all of your tweets and instagram photos =)