Weekend Recap

{post workout salads}

{latest find- Current/Elliott boyfriend jeans}

{major fog action}

{a very quirky fun way to display flowers}

{pics of this girl will never get old}

{champs to celebrate Mike’s mom’s bday}

{couscous veggie salad}

Happy Monday! How was your weekend? Mike and I enjoyed what I like to call a free day on Saturday. Nothing planned, nowhere to be. Despite recovering from a cold (so thankful it wasn’t the flu), we spent some quality time at the gym, headed out to lunch, and then indulged in a good amount of strawberry sorbet. We ended the night ordering takeout, throwing our feet up, and talking about how amazing it is to just BE and not feeling bad about it. I swear, sometimes it’s the little things.

Sunday we spent the day celebrating Mike’s mom’s birthday in Pacifica. We sipped champagne, played with the pup, and enjoyed a nice dinner… my kinda way to end the weekend. Happy birthday Ana!