Weekend Recap

{Thai on Friday nights is becoming a ritual… and wine}

{denim and plaid for a day of Sf activities}

{from our walk down to the Marina}

{lunch at Tacko}

{love that the GG bridge just happens to hangout in this neighborhood}

{a huge United plane hanging out. a plane this large this close, kinda scary}

{oh, just the backdrop amongst all the craziness}

{snacks and drinks at the Brixton}

Despite the eight events going on this past weekend, Mike and I kept things pretty low key. We braved the crowds on Saturday and headed down to the Marina to catch a glimpse of Fleet Week. We watched and heard the planes, enjoyed the amazing weather, and sipped some ice cold cocktails. Honestly, after hearing the planes fly by and shake my whole apt. Friday – Sunday, I’m glad it’s all over. I spent all of Sunday catching up on emails, watching football, and getting as much rest in before a crazy week.

How was your weekend? If you were in sf, I’d love to hear what you did.