Weekend Recap

{weekly guacamole consumption via Aqui}

{new vintage jewels from Sweet & Spark}

{friday night wine and thai… my fav!}

{pretty hydrangeas}

{gluten free pasta from crepevine}

{new hashtag heart this tee from smile baby studio}

{latest ebay find: Clare Vivier RWB stripe flat clutch}

Happy Monday! How was your weekend? Mike and I indulged in Thai food and wine on Friday night, which to me is always a good idea. We had a great turnout on Saturday for soccer… I swear, blue skies and sun can really change your productivity and mood. We have our first indoor game tonight. I’m not sure how great we are, but we’ll make up in style for what we don’t have in our game. Pink uniforms and headbands, watch out! We capped off the weekend with a Whole Foods run and a night on the couch watching The Dark Knight Rises. I feel like such a boy for saying this, but I loved it! One of the best movies I’ve seen in awhile.

Cheers to a great week!