Weekend Recap

{family in town means a lot of new friends for Lola. With my cousin Hannah here}

{roasted Brussels sprouts}

{Lola’s new doggy bed from Crafty Dog on Etsy}

{the family had lunch in Mountain View at Fiesta Del Mar… really good everything!}

{nothing like a pitcher of margaritas on a Sunday =)}

{amazing veggie fajitas}

{gladiator sandals from Shoemint}

{latest find: heeled sandals from Asos}

{birthday boy Lucas and Lola… look at those Converse, so cute!}

Happy Monday! How was your weekend? Between family in town, birthday parties, and Lola’s first time at the park, it was quite the few days over here! It’s always great when my aunt Nicole and her family are in town, lots of laughs, catching up, and eating, but come Sunday night I’m always so beat. That’s what happens when you try to pack so many things into one weekend, right? Despite being tired today, it was one of the best weekends in a while. I know Lola had a ball meeting and playing with her cousins =)

p.s. If you’re in or near the San Jose area, Fiesta Del Mar is a hidden gem in Mountain View and a must try. The food is fantastic and the drinks are spot on!