Weekend Recap

{met friends for lunch in Willow Glen}

{gluten free tomato basil pasta from Willow Street Pizza}

{another mini birthday celebration for Mike… with Lola}

{new Revelry tee from Meg… how fun is the gold foil?!}

{definitely having a moment with rhinestone necklaces. from left to right: vintage via Sweet & Spark, Forever 21, and Juicy Couture}

{takeout Korean food, yum!}

This past weekend was exactly what weekends are made for; really productive yet relaxing at the same time. We took Lola to Willow Glen to meet friends for lunch and walk around. This was her first time in a ‘sitting’ setting and to be honest, I was expecting the worst. The good thing, every table outside had a dog which maybe meant they’d be more understanding, but the bad thing, Lola wanted to mingle with every single one of them. She did some barking, but eventually settled down… we were pretty impressed considering she’s a 4 month old puppy. I’d say, success! Saturday night we ordered takeout and watched Django Unchained (an obvious Mike pick). I thought I would hate it, but actually got into it. I thought the acting was amazing. Has anyone else seen it?

Sunday was a day of errands, guacamole making, cookie eating, basketball watching, and some good ole me time. We didn’t necessarily celebrate Cinco De Mayo, but we sure did have a great couple of days… and I mean, there was guacamole involved =)

How was your weekend?