Weekend Recap, Reviews and the Last of Valentine’s Day

What a beautiful weekend! This City is extra amazing when the sun decides to come out… scenery, ocean, victorian buildings, people out and about, marina… awwww happiness in full effect.

{Looking out from Pac Heights}

Vegan Bake Sale- I drove over to 16th street fully excited to dive into hard to find vegan pastries and a good cause at that. I pulled up to Ike’s Place where they had tables set up on the sidewalk and people equipped with brown boxes to help manage their cookies, cupcakes, brownies, and cakes that each person individually chose to devour. The scene was a lot smaller than I thought it would be (considering they mentioned 50 bakers in attendance) but I didn’t realize the bakers would be coming at different times throughout the entire day. This just meant that I would be limited to what I could choose from (which probably was for the best).

After looking over the sweets before I picked up my brown box, I decided on several different chocolate chip cookies, an oatmeal raisin, snickerdoodle, and also grabbed a chocolate chip cookie/pretzel bar which was very different but still good. I was really impressed with the taste, texture, and sweetness; they were in fact really similar to ‘regular’ chocolate chip cookies… better than I’ve ever tasted. I will definitely have to research the vegan bakeries here in San Francisco, first stop Wholesome Bakery.

{Wanted to try these, but they arrived when I was on my way out; so cute}
{Lemon cupcakes}
{These brownies also came after I made my purchases}

Afternoon run and mimosas- I had such a great V-Day morning run; the sun was just peaking through the fog, and people were out strolling along the harbor. After a 40 minute run, I headed to Union Street for some early afternoon festivities. We sat outside at Nettie’s Crab Shack and enjoyed V-day inspired blood orange mimosas, yummmmmm. As the sunshine finally covered the sky, I sat with good conversation, my delicious morning beverage, and people watched all while getting a nice brown tint to my skin. Perrrrfect afternoon.

{Blood orange mimosas}

Valentine’s Day– Ok honestly, the biggest disappointment! I mean I heard the movie wasn’t that great, but I figured with so many famous, good looking actresses and actors, it would have at least some feel good to it. Uuuuuhhhh not a chance! The 3 gorgeous men I was looking forward to see were all a hot mess; Bradley Cooper and Eric Dane are gay and McDreamy is cheating on his wife (which ruins my fantasy love affair with each one)! What a V-day spoiler!!!! And to top it off, Taylor Swift was extra annoying in that perky, over-the-top, too far removed way. There was no happy, romantic endings except when Julia Roberts returns home from overseas to see her son. Ugh! He’s Just Not That Into You was way better (and we all know how we feel about that one)! Not very Valentine-sie!

{The I Hate Valentine’s Day party}

Had a really great weekend, couldn’t have asked for anything more; vegan goodies, the sun shinning, mimosas, and good company :)

How was your V-day weekend?