Weekend Recap + Tiburon Bike Ride

{Tiburon with sf in the background}

Happy Monday! Just a little weekend recap + pretty pictures to get you through the beginning of the week…

The roomies and I spent Friday night sipping happy hour margaritas at Tortilla Heights. New-be’s here, hadn’t heard much about the place, but the margs were strong and tasty and the veggie tacos were fantastic!

The bf’s friends came up Saturday for a bike ride from Sf to Tiburon. Talk about a workout! Of all sports/physical activities, I’ve never really been on an active bike ride… and I’m not talking about spinning. There’s nothing like climbing hills, making sharp turns with no momentum, avoiding pedestrians and cars all while keeping up with the rest of the group.  2 + hours of biking is pretty hardcore for a first time rider, just saying =). Once we got into town, we sat down at Servino for delicious Italian, a glass of wine, and a magnificent view (thank God we took the Ferry home). Although it was extremely challenging, the views on the Golden Gate Bridge, through Sausalito, Marin and Tiburon made it all very worth it. Kudos to those who are avid bikers,  like no joke!

{Just a little Jameson after the long ride}

After of full day of biking, the bf and I ended the night dining on Thai food at Osha. Yummy food and sleep never felt better.

Sunday was full of lounging and football. Capped off the night with the premiere of Kim and Kourt take NY. Such a great weekend!

How are you enjoying this fabulous January weather?