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Photos by Christine Sargologos

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As much as I like to workout to stay trim and look nice on the outside, I’m a big believer in working out to stay healthy on the inside. For me this not only means cardio, but actually building muscle and getting stronger. I used to be a huge cardio person incorporating light weights here and there, but after spending one summer with Mike lifting weights (more than just 5 pounds) and focusing in on the energy systems (strength, endurance, speed, and power), my whole mindset changed. It was the first time my body looked and felt different. I was stronger, leaner, and overall the fittest I had ever been.

Since changing my perspective on fitness and gaining more experience and knowledge, I’ve really tried to maintain said workout over the years. During the spring and summer I love mixing in track workouts and trail runs with my weight lifting sessions. Not only is running outside a great way to mix things up and get fresh air, but it’s a great way to soak in some vitamin D. Getting fit and some color, killing two birds with one stone, now that’s my kinda workout! Speaking of running outside, these techfit boy shorts are my absolute favorite. This style tends to be too short for my liking, but the 5 inch length is perfect. They’re comfortable to move in and short enough to avoid weird tan lines without being too revealing. Could not recommend them more!

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  • I’m in complete agreement with you! It took me a long time to get motivated to work out properly. That combined with trying to find a good workout for me routine was a long process. I was always “ready” to do it but, wanting and doing were not in alignment. Over the last two years, I’ve actually focused and started to develop a routine that really worked. I’m loving the results but, not because of any vain reason (although I would be lying if I said that wasn’t a plus!) but I’m actually feeling fit and healthy! It’s seriously a wonder why I didn’t do it earlier!

  • I really need to start getting back into my gym routine. It’s always so tough to get motivated and get back into it.

    Xo, Vanessa (Delightful Sunflower)
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  • It’s really hard to find that balance between weights and cardio. I find that when I work out, I’m good at focusing on one, but not both. It’s an on-going process for me, but seeing the progress in distance you can run, or number of reps you can do with a particular weight is a feeling that can’t be beat!

    xo Jackie
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